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T. Evans

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T. Toce

C. Moore

J. Leardi

T. Lumkin

Committee Members
R. Santolin
K. Goddard
C. Armadio
D. Dyason
T. Waiomio

Our Heritage

The Association

Doncaster & Districts Netball Association was founded in 1981 after a few parents grew tired of travelling far and wide to other Associations, such as Melbourne East and Lilydale.

In its first year, DDNA ran one season, with 47 teams playing in the U10, U12, U14, U16 and Open age groups. The Association has since grown to around 1350 members.

DDNA had many homes in the early years, including Park Avenue Reserve where teams played on grass that had to be mowed and lined each Saturday.

In 1987, DDNA moved to The Pines Reserve, which was the same year that schools introduced four terms. The Association was now offering two seasons of netball.

DDNA moved to its current location in 1996 after Manningham City Council purchased the Templestowe Primary School site for $1,475,000.

Representative Netball

Our first Representative Teams started competing in tournaments back in 1982.

Opens, 17s & 15s started playing at Parkville in the late 1980s, with Opens playing State League on Tuesday night, 17s playing Thursday night and 15s on Saturday morning. Every Saturday, the 15s had to rush back to their respective associations to compete in club games.

In 2004, our first 13/U team was entered at Waverley. Our 15/U teams subsequently moved to Waverley in around 2008.

In 2014, DDNA has 14 teams across the 11/U – Open age groups.

Life Members

Life Membership is awarded to those people who have made a significant contribution to the Association over a number of years.

1985 Beryl Buck (dec.)

1992 Heather Venten

1993 Maxine Glover (dec.)

1994 Laurel Agius

1996 Diane Martiensen

1999 Tina Minichilli

2001 Lorraine Green

2005 Tina Battye

2008 Kath Condos

2016 Cris Amadio

2018 Karen Goddard

2019 Sonya Febbo

Award Recipients

Life Membership is awarded to those people who have made a significant contribution to the Association over a number of years.

Lavrin & Lawrence Volunteer of the Year

This award recognises individuals who have made a significant contribution to netball at a Club and/or Association level through administration and coordination functions

2019 Helen Paizis

2018 Meaghan Cross

2017 Ella Ward

2016 Tony Toce

2015 Katie Power

2014 Linda Neate

2013 Karen Goddard

2012 Sue Rodwell

DDNA Most Valuable Member

This is awarded to representative players who have made a significant contribution to both their team and the wider DDNA community

2019 Netasha Smith

2018 Maddie Noble

2017 Craig Moore

2016 Sara Febbo

2015 Ange Essing

2014 Sarah Carter

2013 Laura Goddard

2012 Sara Amadio

2011 Andie Carter

2010 Meagan Chiuchiarelli

2009 Emma Rohde

2008 Cathy Kinnear

2007 Jocelyn Hurley

2006 Ellen Hurley

2005 Amy Green & Shona Woodhouse

2004 Stephanie Carter

2003 Emma Fraser

2002 Nicole Malcher

2001 Sharni Carroll

Umpire of the Year

This award recognises the outstanding contribution of dedicated umpires who have excelled in providing support, development and growth of umpires within their particular Club and/or the Association

2019 Ashlea Cross & Olivia Cross

2018 Mickeely Smith

2017 Alyssa Rodwell

2016 Bridget Bucello

2015 Charli Liddicoat

2014 Zoe Irwin

2013 Claire Garrick

2012 Zoe Van Gulick

Founders’ Pride & Passion Award

This award is named in honour of our four founders – Tina Minichilli, Beryl Buck, Maxine Glover and Heather Venton. It is awarded to a DDNA member who displays incredible passion and pride in our Association

2014 Laura Amadio

Our Sponsors

Doncaster & Districts Netball Association

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