New Umpire Development Program at Doncaster District Netball Association

Each year, our experienced Head Trainer Terry Pieper and Umpire Coordinator Charli Liddicoat, provide a training and development program designed to give new umpires the confidence, knowledge and skills to become accomplished umpires. This is achieved through both on-court development/mentoring, as well as umpiring courses organised by the Association.

If you would like to become an umpire, please fill out the following formĀ

The form asks for you to complete the theory of netball exam and submit your score for that as well.

Before umpires take the court w ask them to complete the foundation umpiring course ( As this is a paid course, we do not need you to complete it until you are contacted and begin as a trainee umpire.

Rules of Umpiring – Click Here to download Pdf

Trainee Umpires

Before Umpires take the court for the first time they should ensure:

  • Are financially registered member of Netball Victoria
  • They have completed their online theory exam and achieved above 70%
  • Completed the Fundamentals of Netball online
  • Purchased a Current Rule Book and a Thunderer Whistle
  • Have appropriate uniform; dressed neat and tidy in whites with minimal jewellery

The outline below is simply an outline, each trainee moves at their own pace, and your trainers will be there to help develop and support you. These skills will be worked on throughout your training period. At all times during the training period you will be accompanied by a trainer, an experienced umpire who is there to help answer questions you have and help you with your decision making. They will be there to help you to continue to develop your skills as an umpire. Please click on the headings below to find out more.

As you develop you will be allowed to run without a mentor to build your confidence and progressively umpire higher and faster standard games.

You will also work with Senior Umpires and mentors as you gain experience and work towards your C Badge at your individual pace.

Remember, there is always someone there to support you and help you grow as a DDNA Umpire.

Welcome to Team White.


The development program also extends to preparing and assessing umpires for their C and B Badges. All umpires are encouraged and supported to attain a minimum C Badge accreditation.

The following umpiring equipment/materials can be purchased through DDNA. Please see Charli or Terry:

Umpire Shirts $15.00
Whistles (Acme Thunderer) $28.00
2016 Official Rule Book $17.00

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